Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Podcast: Kansas City Royals - The Draft

In honor of Kansas City hosting the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, Josh Suchon and Matt Hurst hold their first-ever fantasy draft. Rather than choosing current players from all teams, we took a twist on the typical fantasy draft and made sure to choose only Kansas City Royals players from the franchise's history. We plan on having the teams "play each other" via a computer simulator and posting the results. The Out of Ink team will also be performing more of these drafts soon, so check back often.

The concept is building a team for a best-of-7 playoff series. We limited our rosters to 20 players. Matt Hurst won the coin toss, and elected to draft second and third overall. Josh Suchon selected George Brett (1980) with the first overall pick. Hurst countered with Bret Saberhagen (1989) and Bo Jackson (1990).

After that, the picks alternated. The rest of the picks in the first 10 rounds, in order: Darrell Porter, David Cone, Zack Greinke, Carlos Beltran, Kevin Appier, Frank White, Mark Gubicza, Dan Quisenberry, John Mayberry, Mike Sweeney, Amos Otis, Willie Wilson, Danny Tartabull, Jeff Montgomery, Joakim Soria, Gary Gaetti, Jose Offerman.

This is how the final rosters stack up.

Team Royal Blue
General Manager: Josh Suchon
Manager: Dick Howser
Ballpark: Old Municipal Stadium

Johnny Damon, 2000, LF
Jose Offerman, 1998, 2B
George Brett, 1980, 3B
Hal McRae, 1982, DH
John Mayberry, 1975, 1B
Danny Tartabull, 1991, RF
Darrell Porter, 1979, C
Amos Otis, 1978, CF
Angel Berroa, 2003, SS

Bench: Kevin Seitzer (1987), Bob Hamelin (1994), Tom Goodwin (1995), Cookie Rojas (1971)
Starting rotation: Zack Greinke (2009), Kevin Appier (1993), Mark Gubicza (1988)
Bullpen: Joakim Soria (2010), Flash Gordon (1989), Steve Farr (1988), Charlie Leibrandt (1985)

Team Powder Blue
General Manager: Matt Hurst
Manager: Whitey Herzog
Ballpark: (New) Kauffman Stadium

Willie Wilson, 1980, CF
Bo Jackson, 1990, LF
Carlos Beltran, 2003, RF
Mike Sweeney, 2000, 1B
Jermaine Dye, 2000, DH
Frank White, 1986, 2B
Gary Gaetti, 1995, 3B
Mike Macfarlane, 1993, C
Freddie Patek, 1971, SS
Bench: Gregg Jeffries (1992), Chili Davis (1997), Alex Gordon (2011)

Staring rotation: Bret Saberhagen (1989), David Cone (1994), Bud Black (1984)

Bullpen: Dan Quisenberry (1983), Jeff Montgomery (1989), Al Hrabosky (1978) Roberto Hernandez (2001), Paul Byrd (2002).

In the comments, select which team you think would win this best-of-7 series, and rip us for who was drafted when. We’ll tabulate your votes, post the computer simulations, and solicit the opinion from selected media members.

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