Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"40 Before 40" checklist -- No. 17 -- see my Mom's house

Most people's "40 things to do before turning 40" lists don't include seeing their mom's house. That's usually a given. Not so in my case.

My mom moved to Sparks, Nev. a couple years ago. It's not an easy drive from Los Angeles. I've been busy. Whatever. I hadn't been there.

That changed at Christmas. I was hoping for a white Christmas. I got it. There's not much left to say. I'm just going to post photos and write captions.

This is my mom's dog Red guarding the house. 
This is me looking into the sky and trying to make it snow. It worked.

Feels like a Christmas movie when you're at your Mom's and it's snowing. 

Snow falling on the tree outside at night.

The next morning, lots of snow on the same tree.

Very nice white layer of snow at my mom's house.

All that snow fell in about 12 hours. I'm no snow expert, but that seems like a lot. 

Even in the snow, Red loves to play with his stick. Is he the cutest dog ever or what?

Got my white Christmas. I'm very happy. Now back to warm LA. 

Great few days with Mom and the rest of the family. Yeahhhhhh, finally saw her place.